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Fair Housing Procedure

Brokers / Agents Procedures for guidance to prospective Purchasers (Pursuant to real property law §442-H)


Please be advised that prior to showing a Purchaser a property the following three items must be followed.

  1. Homes by Mara Realty does not require identification from prospective Purchasers.
  2. Homes by Mara Realty does not require a prospective Purchaser to sign an exclusive brokerage agreement.
  3. Homes by Mara Realty will require a pre-approval for mortgage loan from a reputable mortgage lender in order to show a prospective Purchaser properties.


Homes by Mara Realty requires the above stated procedures to be followed, however a Seller of real estate may require additional information prior to showing the property and/or as part of any purchase offer. This should be explained to prospective Purchasers and the fact that Broker/Agent may be obligated to follow the instructions of the Seller even if it is contrary to Homes by Mara Realty’s procedures.

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